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High quality sodding and landscaping services since 1974.

Big Roll Sod

Leading the way in big roll sod for the southern Twin Cities metro area.


Finish grading and professional sod installation services for the best results.


Homebuilders, General Contractors, Municipalities and Landscaping Companies.

Care Information

Preparations, watering, fertilizing, aeration and general maintenance information.

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At Lukes Sodding and Landscaping, Inc., we work exclusively with Homebuilders, General Contractors, Municipalities and Landscaping Companies and we specialize in installing Big Roll Sod. With big rolls sized 30" x 120' there are less seams to fit and knit together, the sod is less likely to move after installation, and can withstand use sooner. Big Roll Sod installations lead to higher quality, more professional looking results sooner.

Over the years, we have specially designed and custom manufactured equipment to efficiently and properly install Big Roll Sod. From custom manufactured implements for soil preparation to equipment with wide turf tires for excellent flotation across the new sod, we have the equipment and 75 years combined experience necessary to install your new lawn efficiently and professionally.

Lukes Sodding and Landscaping was one of the first in the southern Twin Cities metro area to install big roll sod, which is now the preffered method of sod installation.
For three generations, Lukes Sodding and Landscaping has been installing high quality big roll sod for lawn and landscaping to clients in the southern Twin Cities metro area.

Now in our third generation, Lukes Sodding & Landscaping has been providing high quality finish grading and sod installation services for the Southern Twin Cities area since 1974. Over the years, we have continually developed and improved our equipment and practices to meet the expectations of high quality and professional workmanship expected from our big roll sod installation customers.

Lukes Sod was the first in the Twin Cities area to offer Big Roll Sod which is now the preferred method of sod installation. To learn more about our journey, visit the About Us page.

Do you need information on how to take care of your newly installed sod? From watering information to mowing and general maintenance tips, we have a collection of informational documents you can download to help you keep your lawn looking its very best!

From Tips and Tricks to How-To's, we provide a variety of information to homeowners to help keep their lawns and landscapes looking lush and green for years to come. To learn more and download our informational PDFs, visit our Sod Care page.